James Bond 007 Film Title Translations

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The titles of James Bond films differ in non-English-speaking countries. Below is a mixture of the titles in the vernacular, with the literal English translations. Titles are often prefaced by "007 Contra" or "Agent 007" or "Operation." Each title is given with its commonly known acronym, when applicable.

Dr. No

China: Tie jin gang yong po shen mi dao (007 seized the secret island)
Denmark: Dr. No: Mission Drab (Dr. No: Mission "Killing")
Finland: 007 ja Tohtori No (007 and Doctor No)
French: James Bond 007 contre Dr.No (James Bond vs Dr. No)
Germany: James Bond jagt Dr No (James Bond Chases Dr. No)
Greece: James Bond Praktor 007 enantion Doktoros NO (James Bond, Agent 007 against Dr No)
Italy: Licenza di Uccidere (Licence To Kill)
Japan: DR. NO: 007 wa koroshi no bango (Dr. No: 007 is the Killing number)
Latin America: El Satanico Doctor No
Poland: Doktor No
Portugal: 007 Contra O Satanico Dr. No (Agent 007 vs. The Satanic Dr. No)
Spain: Agente 007 Contra El Satánico Dr. No (007 vs Dr. No)
Switzerland: Agent 007 med rätt att d&3246;da (Agent 007 with a licence to kill)

From Russia with Love

Belgium: Love And Kisses From Russia
China: Tie jin gang yong po jian die wang (007 averted the spy plot)
Denmark: Agent 007 jages (Agent 007 is hunted)
Finland: 007 Istanbulissa (007 in Istanbul)
French: Bons Baisers de Russie (Hearty Kisses From Russia)
GermanyLiebesgrusse aus Moskau (Love Greetings From Moscow)
Greece: Apo th Rvssia me agaph
Italy: Dalla Russia Con Amore
Japan: RUSSIA yori ai wo komete
Latin America: Regreso Del Agente 007: De Rusia Con Amor
Poland: Pozdrowienia z Rosji (Greetings from Russia)
Portugal: Moscou contra 007 (Moscow Versus 007)
Spain: 007 Desde Rusia, Con Amor (007: From Russia With Love)
Switzerland: Agent 007 ser rött (Agent 007 sees red)


China: Tie jin gang da zhan jin shou zhi (007 vs. Goldfinger)
Dutch: The Man with Golden Fingers
Finland: Kultasormi
Greece: O xrysodaktylos
Italy: Missione Goldfinger
Me: : 007 Contra Goldfinger
Portugal: 007 Contra Goldfinger (007 Against Goldfinger)
Spain: 007 Contra Goldfinger


China: Tie jin gang yong po mo guei dang (007 averted the SPECTRE)
Denmark: Agent 007 i ilden (Agent 007 in the fire)
Finland: Pallosalama
French: Opération Tonnerre (Operation Thunder)
Germany: Feuerball (Fireball)
Greece: Epixeirhsh Keraynos
Italy: Thunderball: Operazione Tuono
Japan: Thunderball sakusen (Operation Thunderball)
Latin America: Operacion Trueno
Poland: Operacja Piorun (Operation thunder)
Portugal: 007 Contra A Chantagem Atomica
Spain: Operación Trueno (Operation Thunder)
Switzerland: Åskbollen

You Only Live Twice

China: Tie jin gang yong po huo jian ling (007 seized the rocket base)
Denmark: Du lever kun to gange
Finland: Elät vain kahdesti
French: On Ne Vit Que Deux Fois
GermanyMan Lebt Nur Zweimal
Greece: Zeis monaxa dyo fores
Italy: Si Vive Solo due Volte
Japan: 007 wa nido shinu (007 Dies Twice)
Latin America: Solo Se Vive Dos Veces
Poland: Zyje sie tylko dwa razy
Portugal: Com 007 Só Se Vive Duas Vezes
Spain: Sólo se vive dos veces
Switzerland: Man lever bara två gånger

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

China: Tie jin gang yong po xue shan bao (007 seized the snow mountain castle)
Denmark: I Hendes Majestaets hemmelige tjenste
Finland: Hänen majesteettinsa salaisessa palveluksessa
French: Au Service Secret de Sa Majeste
Germany: Im Geheimdienst Ihrer Majestat
Greece: Sthn yphresia ths Ayths Megaleiothtos
Italy: Al servizio segreto di sua maesta'
Japan: Joou heika no 007 (The Queen's 007)
Me: : 007 al Servicio Secreto de Su Majestad
Poland: W sluzbie Jej Krolewskiej Mosci
Portugal: 007 A Serviço Secreto de Sua Majestade
Spain: 007 al servicio secreto de su majestad
Switzerland: I hennes Majestäts hemliga tjänst

Diamonds are Forever

China: Tie jin gang yong po zhuan shi dang (007 averted the diamond gang)
Denmark: Diamanter varer evigt
Finland: Timantit ovat ikuisia
French: Les Diamants Sont Eternels
Germany: Diamantenfieber (Diamond Fever)
Greece: Ta diamantia einai pantotina
Italy: Una Cascata di Diamanti (A Cascade Of Diamonds)
Japan: DIAMOND wa eien-ni
Latin America: Los Diamantes Son Eternos
Poland: Diamenty sa wieczne
Portugal: Os Diamantes são Eternos (Diamonds For Eternity)
Spain: Diamantes para la eternidad (Diamonds For Eternity)
Switzerland: Diamantfeber (Diamond Fever)

Live and Let Die

Denmark: Lev og lad dø
Finland: Elä ja anna toisten kuolla
French: Vivre et Laisser Mourir
Germany: Leben Und Sterben Lassen
Greece: Zhse kai ase toys alloys na pethanoun
Italy: Vivi E Lascia Morire
Japan: Shinu no ha yatsura da (It is them to die)
Latin America: Vivir Y Dejar Morir
Poland: Zyj i pozwol umrzec
Portugal: Viva E Deixe Morrer
Spain: 007 vive y deja morir
Switzerland: Leva och låta dö

The Man with the Golden Gun

China: Tie jin gang da zhan jin qiang ke (007 vs. Mr. Golden Gun)
Denmark: Manden med den gyldne pistol
Finland: 007 ja kultainen ase (007 and The Golden Gun)
French: L'Homme Au Pistolet d'Or
Germany: Der Mann mit dem Goldenen Colt
Greece: O anurvpos me to xryso pistoli
Italy: L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro
Japan: Oogon-ju wo motsu otoko
Latin America: El Hombre Con El Revolver De Oro
Poland: Czlowiek ze zlotym pistoletem
Portugal: 007 Contra O Homem Da Pistola De Ouro
Spain: El Hombre de La Pistola de Oro
Switzerland: Mannen med den gyllene pistolen

The Spy Who Loved Me

Denmark: Spionen der elskede mig
Finland: 007 rakastettuni (007 My Beloved)
French: L'Espion Qui M'aimait
Germany: Der Spion, der mich Liebte
Greece: H kataskopos poy me agaphse
Italy: La spia che mi Amava
Japan: Watashi wo aishita SPY
Latin America: La Espia Que Me Amo
Poland: Szpieg ktory mnie kochal
Portugal: 007 O Espião Que Me Amava
Spain: La espía que me amó
Switzerland: Älskade spion (Beloved spy)


China: Tie jin gang yong po tai kong cheng (007 seized the space complex)
Finland: Kuuraketti (Moonrocket)
Germany: Moonraker - Streng Geheim
Italy: Moonraker Operazione Spazio (Moonraker: Operation Space)
Latin America: Moonraker: Mision Espacial
Portugal: 007 Contra O Foguete Da Morte

For Your Eyes Only

Denmark: Agent 007: Strengt fortroligt (Agent 007: Strict Confidence)
Finland: Erittäin salainen (Top Secret)
French: Rien Que Pour Vos Yeux
Germany: In Todlicher Mission (In Deadly Mission)
Greece: Gia ta matia soy mono
Italy: Solo per i Tuoi Occhi
Latin America: Solo Para Tus Ojos
Poland: Tylko dla twoich oczu
Portugal: 007 Somente Para Seus Olhos
Spain: PSolo Para Sus Ojos
Switzerland: Ur dödlig synvinkel (From a deadly viewpoint)


China: Tie jin gang yong po bao zha dang (007 averted the blast plot)
Finland: Mustekala (Octopus)
Greece: Epixeirhsh Oktapousi
Latin America: Octopussy: 007 Contra Las Chicas Mortales
Poland: Osmiorniczka
Portugal: 007 Contra Octopussy
Italy: Octopussy Operazione Piovra

Never Say Never Again

Finland: Älä kieltäydy kahdesti
French: Jamais Plus Jamais
Germany: Sag Niemals Nie
Greece: Pote mhn janapeis pote
Italy: Mai dire mai
Latin America: Nunca Digas Nunca Jamas
Poland: Nigdy nie mow nigdy
Portugal: 007 Nunca Mais Outra Vez
Spain: Nunca digas nunca jamás

A View to a Kill

Belgium: Dangerous Mission
Denmark: Agent 007 i Skudlinjen (Agent 007 in the Line of Fire)
Finland: 007 ja kuoleman katse (007 and a View of Death)
French: Dangereusement Vôtre (Dangerously Yours)
Germany: Im Angesicht des Todes (In The Face Of Death)
Greece: Epixeirhsh Kinoymenos stoxos (Operation : Moving target )
Italy: Bersaglio Mobile (Moving Target)
Japan: Utsukusiki emono tachi (The Beautiful Prey)
Latin America: En La Mira De Los Asesinos
Poland: Zabojczy widok
Portugal: 007 Na Mira Dos Assassinos
Spain: Panorama para matar (A Panorama To Kill)
Switzerland: Levande måltavla (Living target)

The Living Daylights

Denmark: Spioner Dør ved Daggry (Spies Dies at Dawn
Finland: 007 vaaran vyöhykkeellä (007 and the Danger Zone)
French: Tuer N'est Pas Jouer (To kill is not to play)
Germany: Der Hauch des Todes (The Touch of Death)
Greece: Me to daktylo sth skandakh (With the finger in the trigger)
Italy: Zona Pericolo (Danger Zone)
Japan: Death Has The Scent Of Roses
Latin America: Su Nombre Es Peligro
Poland: W obliczu smierci (In face of death)
Portugal: 007 Marcado Para a Morte (007: High Tension)
Spain: 007: Alta Tensión (007: High Tension)
Switzerland: Iskallt uppdrag (Icecold mission)

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Licence to Kill

Finland: 007 ja lupa tappaa (007 and License to Kill)
French: Permis De Tuer
French: Personal Revenge
Germany: Lizenz zum Töten
Italy: Vendetta Privata (Private Revenge)
Greece: Prosvpikh ekdikhsh (Personal Revenge)
Japan: Kesareta LICENCE (The Cancelled Licence)
Latin America: Con Licencia Para Matar
Poland: "Licencja na zabijanie"
Portugal: 007 Permissão Paramatar
Spain: 007: licencia para matar
Switzerland: Tid för hämnd (Time for Revenge)


China: Tie jin gang zhi jin yan jing
Quebec: James Bond 007, L'oeil de feu
Finland: 007 ja kultainen silmä (007 and the GoldenEye)
Greece: Epixeirhsh : Xrysa Matia (Operation : Golden Eyes)
Latin America: GoldenEye: El Ojo Dorado

Tomorrow Never Dies

Finland: Huominen ei koskaan kuole
France: Demain ne meurt jamais
Mexico: El Mañana Nunca Muere
Germany: Der Morgen stirbt nie
Greece: To ayrio pote den pethainei
Italy: Il Domani Non Muore Mai
Latin America : El Mañana Nunca Muere
Poland: Jutro nie umiera nigdy
Spain: El Mañana Nunca Muere

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The World is Not Enough

Argentina007, el mundo no basta
Czech: Jeden svet nestací
Brazil: 007 - O Mundo Não É O Bastante
Finland: 007 - Kun maailma ei riitä (007 - When the world is not enough)
France: Le monde ne suffit pas
Germany: Die Welt ist nicht genug
Italy: Il Mondo non Basta
Poland: Swiat to za malo
Spain: El mundo no es suficiente
Sweden: Världen Räcker Inte Till
UruguayEl mundo no basta

Die Another Day

Brazil: Um Novo Dia Para Morrer
Finland: 007 - Kuolema saa odottaa (007 - Death can wait)
France: Meurs un autre jour
Germany: Stirb an einem anderen Tag
Italy: La morte può attendere
Poland: Smierc nadejdzie jutro (Death will come tomorow)
Spain: Muere otro día

Casino Royale

Quantum of Solace


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